We provide targeted assets and/or business acquisition services. Typically, we would handle these projects in three stages:-

  • Pre-Acquisition,
  • Due Diligence, and
  • Closing.

While we discuss and refine the steps after discussion with our Client, the general contents are described below:

Stage 1 – Pre Acquisition

  • Contact Target
    • Contact the potential target companies to establish interest on acquisition; either by way of share-deal or asset-deal.
  • Meeting with potential interested parties and sharing the Pre-Qualification Criteria / Management Summary obtained from Client.
  • Based on interest shown, obtain interim Letter of Intent.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement. To execute the necessary NDAs to ensure information is private, confidential & secured.
  • Indicative Offer & Letter of Intent
    • Obtain Indicative Offer from the interested parties and establish expectation gaps and alignment. This is to ensure no significant mismatch of the offer.
    • Continue liaison with suitable parties and obtain Letter of Intents from them, indication firm offer price and other terms & conditions, if any.
  • Management Summary
    • Prepare management Summary of all the above and present findings to Management, including other related information gathered.

Stage 2 – Due Diligence

We will align and design a due diligence model to support the pricing & valuation decision-making. This includes Operational, Financial, and Legal due diligence.

Stage 3 – Closing

  • Preparation and execution of the Sales & Purchase Agreements and other related agreements’ including share/asset transfer execution.
  • Handling of any post-closing financial and operations adjustments, including business integration issues.