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  • The foundation of a successful business is honesty and private consultants do not have vested interest in the client’s company that allows the private consultant to give unbiased and independent opinion to the stakeholders of the company at all times. The role of a private consultant is most often being a facilitator, educator, enforcer, voice of reason, strategic thinker, risk manager, cost manager and advocate for the company’s well-being.


  • Our private corporate consultants are trained to analyse legal and commercial scope and identify activities to focus on that will have a measurable impact on the company’s business. Our consultants will also troubleshoot issues faced by client and advice clients how to properly respond to issues at hand and prevent it from escalating into potential litigation and as far as the client’s receivables are concerned, litigation would be the final option before all options and efforts are explored and exhausted by us thus keeping the business cost and expenses low.

  • a) Having the right Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions of business are an essential document which every business should have in place but often don’t. The business needs to ensure it has a legally binding and enforceable contract with your suppliers as well as your customers. This would help to secure your business against non-payment; help limit your liability to your customers; and set out a clear and legally compliant policy for delivery, returns and defective items and help to keep your suppliers in check. It will also help you avoid disputes arising at a later time.

    b) Shareholder Agreements

    Shareholder agreements are confidential private agreements between the shareholders/contributories of a company. They set out an agreed framework for dealing with matters that are not dealt with in a company’s constitution. It can also protect the other shareholders/contributories from a variety of situations which is not envisaged by the parties and by the company’s constitution and indirectly affects the parties personal legal arrangements or agreements that may have been entered into by the parties.

    c)Human Resource Matters

    Having a comprehensive recruitment process and the right employment documentation is crucial towards protecting your business and your staff.

  • TSM Corp will design a fee arrangement that will best fit the client’s needs. Usually we charge based on the following basis:-

    1.Ad-hoc basis which will be based on an hourly basis which will vary depending upon the nature of the dispute and the experience of the people working on your matter;

    2.Monthly retainer basis that will encompass review of all documents and agreements and consultation.