Small and Medium businesses need the similar level of quality corporate and legal support services that the bigger companies are enjoying.

At TSM Corporate Consulting, we provide our clients with an industry-focused suite of Corporate Affairs, Internal Legal Support and Advisory services.

Leveraging on our network with partner firms, experience, industry knowledge and business understanding, our professionals work as a team to find solutions and best practices. We are focused on our clients and their issues; working with them to develop and implement value creating ideas.

We know clients value professionalism, independence, pro activity, solutions and can rely on us for end-to-end service.

Many companies here in Malaysia and neighboring countries have looked at Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) to reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining Quality of Service.

At TSM Corporate Consulting, we have helped many SME’s who were otherwise struggling with these issues. The rising cost of legal fees and a downward economy has allowed us to be of support and help while taking the headache away from businesses who much rather focus their time and dollars on their core business.

Leverage on our experience to assist you in the following areas:-

  • Outsourced Corporate & Legal Advisory Support
  • Arbitration & Construction Industry Payment & Adjudication
  • Corporate Rescue Mechanism
  • Asset & Business Acquisitions
  • Strata Management Solutions